Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kayak For A Cure ~ May Tea Party

Over the weekend we hosted a tea party fundraiser to help out the boys of the Kayak For a Cure team.

The day was a great success and lots of fun, raising $150 for the team and getting lots of talk buzzing about their planned adventure later this year.
You can read all about what the Kayak team are planning on their page HERE at the Everyday Heroes website. (Donations are gratefully accepted!)

Lend me a hand? Sorry, I had to say it...

Our living room became a jewellery show!

The best thing about hosting the party at our home this May was the chance to show off the amazing autumn trees along our driveway.

Home Sweet Home

My homemade garland complete with budget pegs
How do you like my DIY Postcard Display Garland? It includes mossy looking string, fabric flowers and bargain wooden pegs. Construction time 20 mins.

A few more pictures of the display... I'll have to remember next time to have a slideshow of my artwork playing on the TV...

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us & the boys ...judging by all the empty plates it looks like you all enjoyed the scones and cakes. The platters were cleared so fast that we didn't get a chance to take any photos! Snapping some pics of our culinary goodies will have to wait till next time 

I heard the orange rum & raisin cake was amazing...sadly I missed out...but I'm sure my Nan will make another for me if I ask her nicely ;) 

We have been eating the leftover chocolate chic cookies all week. With the cold weather creeping in I'm sure we can justify having a few extra treats (its almost time to hibernate..we need the energy reserves!) Now I'm off to pour a glass of milk to dunk them in



Friday, May 4, 2012

Tomorrow is another day

Ok, so its a month since I bravely signed off my last blog post with the line "...more project pics tomorrow".

I guess tomorrow didn't go according to plan. And it rarely does. Appointments change, work loads increase and time does not stand still but I often catch myself staring out the window for indefinite lengths of time until I suddenly snap out of it and have to quickly grab a sketchbook and scribble down ideas before they're lost again on the foggy moors of my imagination. Being 'artistic' means calendars and deadlines are something of a challenge for me.

Inspiration however, is in vast supply! And here are pictures of a few things that have inspired me this month

Wicked Witch Bookmark

SpiritHoods for Kids
Danger Crafts Knitting Patterns

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps I'll get a few things done. Perhaps I'll be daydreaming...