Friday, May 4, 2012

Tomorrow is another day

Ok, so its a month since I bravely signed off my last blog post with the line "...more project pics tomorrow".

I guess tomorrow didn't go according to plan. And it rarely does. Appointments change, work loads increase and time does not stand still but I often catch myself staring out the window for indefinite lengths of time until I suddenly snap out of it and have to quickly grab a sketchbook and scribble down ideas before they're lost again on the foggy moors of my imagination. Being 'artistic' means calendars and deadlines are something of a challenge for me.

Inspiration however, is in vast supply! And here are pictures of a few things that have inspired me this month

Wicked Witch Bookmark

SpiritHoods for Kids
Danger Crafts Knitting Patterns

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps I'll get a few things done. Perhaps I'll be daydreaming...

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