Your Favourites from 2017

what a year! Now that I've posted my last order before I settle down for a little break over the holidays, I took a moment today to check out what the #2017bestnine have been for Thistle and Fox this year. And here they are:

Swimsuit by Bellapiadesigns using my Gumnuts Ditsy design in Magenta, Mint and Green

That time when everyone thought this was a real bedroom and it turned out to be an amazing dollhouse by Blank Canvas Dollhouses 

my Australiana Fabrics collection

The prettiest baby swaddle blankets! Available in my Etsy shop

The quilt that nearly killed me. Thankfully it turned out more beautiful than I'd hoped for while I was crying and swearing at my sewing machine

that moment I had a glimpse of what it would be like to be insta famous ;)  when I took part in an epic giveaway loop featuring many wonderful Aussie brands and makers. Hosted by Puggle Post

Adorable koala toys handmade with love by Sew Loved Collections

the release of my Sleepy Koala wall banners in my Etsy shop

this stunning baby and the gorgeous floral wrap blanket illustrated with my Antique Rose print - made by & exclusively available via Snuggle Hunny Kids

Have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe, make merry, be creative! See you in 2018


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