Friday, January 27, 2012


Welcome 'Flora' and 'Fabien' the Fox

'Fabien' ~ Available from

'Flora' ~ will be sold at a charity auction to be announced at the end of February!

 I am taking requests for custom made felt stufflings. If you have a wish to own a little grey wolf or grass green bunny please contact me to discuss your ideas and we can come up with a plan to create your little felted friend.

A new collection of earrings for 2012 will be available from Jasper and Pearl shortly. I also have some new textile designs which I will take along to my next jewelery party so stay tuned in coming weeks for updates on this blog.

I encourage all the local ladies to let me know if there is a particular weekend which would suit everyone to get together for a morning or afternoon tea sometime in March-April. We often find that it is difficult to co-ordinate our busy schedules and seeing as there are quite a few of you who have expressed a wish to be at our next party, please contact us!

You can send a message to Lauren via jasperandpearl (at) or visit her website & use the contact form you find there.

Coming soon: New c
ollage pendants, collections of tiny flower stud earrings, fabric hair bows and garments for little ones...

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