Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Needle Felting for Beginners

Ha! I love the internet. After a flash of inspiration I decided I wanted to give needle felting a go, so I found the perfect Etsy supplier of basic starter kits, got my hands on one that would suit my little hand stitched critters and armed with the tools of sharp and slightly barbed needles and a handful of wool fiber I Google-ed 'Learn how to Needle Felt'

I was relieved to see that my suspicions were confirmed and that needle felting is a basic skill of keeping your fingers out of the way while making rapid and randomly effective stabs at two pieces of felt positioned on a sponge which would soon resemble a furry piece of cheese...

this is so much fun.

all the bits and pieces are a few photos to document the process of sewing and adding needle felted details to a hand stitched felt Wallaby.

Turn the music up and start jabbing those tiny scraps of felt until they resemble something cute.. and try not to bleed on the merchandise!

In a few weeks time I suspect my fingertips will have developed some impressive calluses. I feel like a human pincushion at the moment.

See the finished wallaby on my facebook page.

More projects pics tomorrow...

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