Friday, June 1, 2012

The Rabbit Has Spoken

Today we enlisted the help of Mr Rabbit to choose the winners of our 'Thistle and Fox' facebook giveaway.

Don't worry, he is an experienced oracle and enjoys the drama of a good ceremony. After all, Mr Rabbit has been a model for many of Ginger Kelly's fantasy artworks and has spent time in the company of faeries (who are often stealing his limelight... they are such show offs!)

Anyway... back to the choosing ceremony:  
We arranged the names of our 30 fans on slips of paper in a circle of apple, celery and carrot temptation...

Releasing our 'suitably restrained' Giveaway Oracle in the center of the circle (after spinning him around a few times of course) we removed the blindfold....

(only rabbits were harmed or made dizzy during this photoshoot)  
And waited in anticipation....

Apparently the grass was much more interesting than fruit, but at last...

...we have a winner! Congratulations Julia! (if you look closely you'll also see that you were chosen by a tiny slug. We hope that makes you feel even more special)

This decision was quickly followed by two 'runners up' (also chosen by rabbit and slugs)
Congratulations Steve Foy and Ryan Nichole

And then he was off... running free! (almost)

The rabbit has spoken.

Thankyou Mr Rabbit for your guidance. We could not have done this without you :)

And a big thanks to all our lovely fans and followers!
We want to thank you all with a freebie, so here is a desktop background featuring Mr Rabbit

You can use this on your computer if you wish, just click on the image to download the full size wallpaper in a new window.


Winners, please contact us as soon as possible with your postal address so we can get your prizes to you quickly :)

Julia has won this set of fantasy art greeting cards from GingerKellyStudio

and our runners up have each won a set of 5 postcard prints (they get to choose from a mystery pack of 'Unicorn', 'Faeries' or 'Mermaids')

Thanks for supporting the grand opening of our Thistle and Fox fanpage! We hope you'll enjoy keeping an eye on all the things we have planned to make and share this year

Take care & We'll see you soon xxx

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  1. Thank you so much oh great Decision Bunny! And thank you as well, little mister slug. I feel incredibly special to have been chosen by these divine oracles. :)