Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Craft Show Display Ideas 002

Now that I've been to a few craft shows and handmade markets I can appreciate how much time, effort and money goes into creating a great display for your products. Here are a few of my favourite ideas for displays that (I believe) would take less time in the setting up and packing up!

jewelry display box with individual compartments

 Wooden Folding Merchandise Display Case

Wooden Folding Merchandise Display Case, fill it with your wares and you're ready to go!

A case like this which folds out into a ready made display would be ideal for my jewelry, hair accessories and even small art prints that could be displayed in a lower tray and some 'hanging' up inside. Adds height to the display, is self supporting and easily packs up when you're done!
If only I could find someone to make one of these for me.... to save time of course ;)

 Framed jewelry display boards
 Framed jewelry display boards
As a variation on he theme, these framed jewelry display boards look fantastic. I do wonder though how they stay standing...especially if it gets windy. There must be some kind of support attached behind...just wish I could see it.

 Suitcase display
Suitcase display
Not only does it look great, you can transport your wares in it and if you're really organized just pop it open on your table and the display is ready. Though I suspect there is a a little more to it in this example.

I've used suitcases and vintage wooden cases in my own display

 Ginger Kelly Studio Market Stall
market stall setup for Ginger Kelly Studio / Thistle and Fox
Suitcases and picnic baskets can also be used as risers, creating varying levels and alot of visual interest

Picnic baskets used as display risers

A clear banner and a well styled display
More ideas in my next post....
Take a look at Part One

All of these images and more can be found in my collection of craft show booth ideas on Pinterest.

The images in this post are not my own and I attempt wherever possible to link back to where the images were found. If you see an image that belongs to you & you would like to correct the source link or have it removed from my blog please contact me, I am happy to oblige. I do not intent to cause any harm or offence, I simply love collecting inspiration and sharing your marvelous work with others.  

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