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Thistle and Fox Shop Policies & Extra Information... Continued

There simply wasn't enough room to put all this info in my Etsy shop so here it is for those (like me) who read such things



Cushions & Tote Bags are made to order, produced in the USA and shipped within 5 days so are usually received in 5-10 days within the United States. 

Giftwrap, Fabric and Framed Prints are designed and illustrated by me and printed to order in the United States. Greeting cards are typically printed and shipped from Australia.
Everything else is made entirely by me in my studio in Australia.

◥◤ FABRICS ◥◤ 

Current printing time for ALL fabric orders is 10-12 days before your fabric is ready to ship. PLEASE READ the info below

➤ Fabric is printed on demand and is created in the United States by Spoonflower from stunning fabrics in a large range of natural & synthetic fibers, including cotton-linen canvas, organic cotton knit, eco-canvas, faux suede & silky faille (for scarves & blouses). My favorite is the Linen Cotton Canvas & Organic Cotton Knit. They are beautiful fabrics to work with! 

➤ The fabrics you see in my shop are only a small sample of the huge range I have available. If you would like to order more than a few samples or a single yard then please contact me to view my entire range of designs & shop at wholesale price.

➤ November-February Fabric Orders
Turnaround time can be 10-16 days for fabric to be prepared, printed and cured BEFORE shipping.. Sometimes this process is completed faster if the order queue is shorter than expected. We thank you for your patience & understanding when ordering. 


When creating a custom made plush animal I love to have a couple of weeks to work on each unique creation, however I can sometimes accommodate a rush order. Please ask!

________ F.A.Q. ________

★  Q. Where are you located? 

☀ A. In a small rural community in the hinterland of the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.

I'm Australian too & would love to welcome more Aussie customers to Thistle & Fox. 
I know how difficult it can be to source original fabrics and interesting craft supplies here in Australia so I'm trying my best to bring something a little different to the craft scene. I hope you will love my designs! 

You can request new designs or suggest a theme for me to illustrate. Please contact me, I'd love to say hello.


★  Q. Why does it say on my receipt that it will take 6-8 weeks for my order to arrive?

☀ A. You've ordered a made to order item. Each item in my shop is marked as either 'Made to Order' OR 'Ready to Ship'. Please take note of this before you checkout!

 READY TO SHIP items = Ships within 2 days & usually arrives within 2-5 business days (Australia) or 10-28 business days (Rest of World) 

 CUSTOM MADE in my studio = Ships within 14 days & usually arrives within 2-5 business days (Australia) or 10-28 business days (Rest of World) 

➤ MADE TO ORDER (Printed in the US, Sewn by me in Australia) = Ships within 14 days & usually arrives in Australia in 14-21 business days


★  Q. Do you accept custom orders?

☀ A. Yes, all the time! 

★  CUSTOM ORDERS: Please make sure you let me know what you would like! Or make sure you are contactable via email for a few days after you place your order. I will try to get in touch with you if you forget to choose your color options or if your note to seller needs clarification.
Please make sure you tell me DURING checkout if you require the fabric design to be smaller/larger. Your order will be in production almost immediately so any messages received after checkout may be too late!

★  Please note: CUSTOM CUSHION COVERS / TOTE BAGS for Orders Within Australia
These items are made to order. Within 12 hours of ordering, your custom made item is in production. When finished printing (in approx 8 days) these items are shipped to my Australian studio. When they arrive in my studio (approx 3 weeks after production) I check them for quality, finish the sewing and then gift wrap and send them on to you. Yes, this process is lengthy but that is because it is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

"FABRIC IS PRINTED TO ORDER" = fabric is ordered to be printed as it is sold. This reduces wastage and is better for the environment as items are not produced until they are wanted. 

★  I cannot change the design of the fabrics already listed for sale, however, if you would like me to CREATE A FABRIC DESIGN FOR YOU please send me a message but bear in mind that the lead time can be 10-20 days for a design to be created, printed and delivered to me for approval before I can ship it to you. There is no special design fee if the fabric is not intended to be used exclusively by you...which means you can ask me to create a design and then when it becomes available, order yardage to your hearts content... Just as long as you realize other people will be able to order this design too!

★  I sometimes accept commissions for exclusively designed fabric to be used as part of business packaging or a special line of fashion clothing. A design fee will apply. Please contact me or visit my website for more info


★ Q. Do you sell your designs? Can I use your design to have my own fabric printed?

☀ A. In short, no. But there are variations to this rule and other possibilities so contact me with details of what you had in mind.


★ Q. I sent a message to you last week but have received no reply! Why?

☀ A.Please check your email address and your Etsy message center (called 'Conversations' on Etsy). Also, check your junk mail folder! If my reply has gone to junk mail you need to make sure my email & Etsy are added to your 'safe' contact list so our messages are delivered to your inbox. It surprises me how many people do not realise this! You can also see replies to Etsy conversations when logged into your Etsy account. Make yourself familiar with how to use Etsy.  It'll save you so many hassles and make shopping on Etsy much more enjoyable.


Additional Shipping Info

◥◤ T R A C K I N G ◥◤

Parcel tracking is now included for all PARCELS shipped WITHIN Australia.

Letters/Large Letters are not included in the tracked post network therefore some items in my shop such as greeting cards, small packs of postcard prints and medium prints cannot be tracked as part of the standard shipping service.

◥◤ S H I P P I N G  ~  U P G R A D E S ◥◤ 

If you are purchasing for a special event or holiday gift please make sure you have ordered with plenty of time to spare for shipping. Sometimes an unexpected epic weather event or other catastrophe may slow down the post & I'm afraid I cannot control the weather!


If you require your item shipped express please send me a message & we can arrange the additional postage to be added to your order. Please note that for Australian orders express charges are $16-$20. For international orders the cost can vary between $40-60 for express/ registered shipping or postal tracking.

Overnight/Next Day Delivery is NOT available. I live outside the metro areas where this service is guaranteed by Australia Post.

TRACKING is now Australia Post standard for all parcels shipped within Australia. This policy applies to parcels only, it does not apply to letters or 'large letters'.

→ S H I P P I N G . T O .  I T A L Y

Due to the unique qualities of the Italian post service, I am not comfortable sending my items to Italy. I have had a few disappointing experiences with parcels taking more than 2 months to arrive or not reaching their destination at all.

Please contact me if you would like to add the cost of tracking to your order & I can arrange a custom listing for you. Without a tracking number, a refund for a missing order is not possible.

→  Special Shipping Price Guide for fabric orders
(1 yard) = $20 usd
(5 yards) = $38 usd

 ◥◤  D I S C O U N T S ◥◤

I am happy to combine shipping on all eligible items.

Orders that contain fabric yardage are shipped separately to tote bags/cushion covers & jewelry.

Wherever possible I try to set accurate shipping rates, however, if it seems that the cost of shipping the items in your cart is extravagant please ask me about it before checkout & I will provide you with an accurate quote for sending your order

◥◤ C U S T O M S ◥◤ 

Customs import duties/taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Though it is a very rare occurrence, in some countries you may have to pay a small fee to have your parcel released by customs. You will need to pay this fee if you wish to receive your item, otherwise it will be returned to the sender. If I receive any correspondence from customs fee collection I will forward this on to you.

Customs fees and import duties/taxes may apply for some countries. Contact your local customs office for more info.

♦ Worried that your parcel is taking too long in the post? 

There may be a simple explanation...

+ Please check that the shipping address you originally supplied is correct & notify me immediately if you find an error.

+  Check with your local post office... there may be local delay in sending out parcel notices (it sometimes happens around public holidays)

+ Always check your email or Etsy account for messages from me. I may contact you to advise of your parcel being shipped or to clarify a shipping address. If I cannot contact you it makes it very difficult to help you!

♦ If 45 days* have passed since your order was marked as shipped and it still has not arrived then it is possible your parcel is 'lost' according to the postal services of most countries (*note that 75 days must pass for the postal service in Italy to declare a parcel as lost).

Sometimes printed items are shipped directly from the print manufacturer in the US (because every item is printed to order, it makes sense not to waste time shipping back and forth across the world from printer to me to you).

If your item arrives damaged or is not what you ordered, contact me immediately. 

You may need to provide a photo/more info so that I can approach the print lab shipping department and negotiate a refund/replacement on your behalf. This hasn't happened yet. I've always been happy with the way my samples and orders arrive but I like to be prepared!


 ◥◤ In what circumstances is a refund applicable? ◥◤

→ If an item is not as described, the parcel is damaged due to a fault in my packaging or if the item is faulty or defective I will accept a return of the damaged/faulty item within 30 days & issue a refund on receipt of the item.

♦ I go to great lengths to make sure my items are received in the same beautiful condition as they were sent. Shipping method & packaging is chosen to keep the items safe while keeping within weight restrictions to ensure the postal charges remain affordable.

→ Refund will be the cost of your order (minus cost of original shipping)
→ The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of sending the item back to me.


To cancel your order you must contact me within 12 hours of placing your order.

→ I reserve the right to cancel an order or refuse a sale if I feel it is not in my best interests to proceed (ie. Personal emergency/illness). If ever this situation occurs, the entire purchase amount will be refunded immediately & you will be notified via email

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