Saturday, July 29, 2017

Australian Custom Printed Fabric

So you're looking for fabrics printed in Australia? For a long time, so was I.
And now I've discovered a fantastic printer located in Melbourne who offer a range of natural fiber fabrics (and a few synthetic fabrics) ideal for many of the items I regularly sew including my cot quilts, play mats and baby blankets. Also available: beautiful cotton Voile ideal for blouses, dresses and lightweight skirts (though you'll need some lining or wear a slip - unless you like to show off your fancy handmade knickers too) Sateen & Poplin are great for dresses too!  Check out the fabric descriptions below. I'll add more pics in coming weeks.

If you would like to order fabric by the metre printed with any of my 1700+ designs, here is the info you need about each fabric type.
These fabrics are now available from my Etsy shop and will soon be available on my website. In the meantime please contact me for custom orders and be sure to include your shipping address if you would like a quote for shipping cost within Australia.

Organic Stretch Jersey

(most similar to Organic Cotton Knit)

Knitted in Melbourne from organically grown and processed cotton, Organic Stretch Jersey is a fantastic wearable and natural stretch fabric. Having Lycra in the fabric provides excellent recovery when the knit is stretched around the body; it also makes wearing tight garments very comfortable. Excellent for apparel the Organic Stretch Jersey makes wonderful, tops, dresses, skirts, Harem pants, leggings, baby clothes and wraps.
Composition: 93% Organic Cotton / 7% Lycra
Printable Width: 140cm
Weight: 200 GSM / 7oz per m
Price $36/m


Poplin, the excellent all-rounder. Poplin is beautiful quality, crisp white and prints like a dream. Perfect for apparel and soft homewares such as quilts, pillowcases and soft toys.
Composition: Cotton
Printable Width: 145cm
Weight: 130 GSM  /  4.6oz per m
Price $36/m



(most similar to Lightweight Cotton)

This is a great base fabric, light in weight and strong in construction. This fabric is perfect for shirts, dresses, tops, and various other design projects.
Composition: Cotton
Printable Width: 130cm
Weight: 75 GSM / 2.6oz per m
Price $34/m



(most similar to Organic Cotton Sateen)

The Sateen weave has a luxe finish, with subtle sheen and a soft hand-feel. This fabric is a beautiful weight for apparel and is a real all-rounder for garments. Suitable for tops, dresses, pants, shorts and skirts that you want to look extra special. Being a luxe fabric the sateen works beautifully in the bedroom and makes great pillowcases, and soft cushions and toys for the bed.
Composition: Cotton
Printable Width: 130cm
Weight: 162 GSM / 5.7oz per m
Price $34/m



(most similar to Light Cotton Twill)

Our wide width Twill is a tightly woven fabric, which is strong in construction yet soft in texture. Our Twill is a mid-weight not too heavy and not too light. Excellent for shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, structured dresses, tote bags, accessories and many homewares applications such as throws and cushions.
Composition: Cotton
Printable Width: 145cm
Weight: 167 GSM / 5.9oz per m
Price $38/m



(most similar to Linen Cotton Canvas)

The Soho base fabric provides the beautiful texture of Linen, with all the durability characteristics of Cotton; blended together they make the perfect mix. The Soho has a beautiful slightly open weave, yet a smooth finish. The versatile fabric and fibre combination makes it excellent for a large variety of textile applications in both apparel and home. Perfect for making tops, skirts and dresses, as well as cushions, curtains and wall hangings.
Composition: Cotton / Linen
Printable Width: 138cm
Weight: 228 GSM / 8oz per m
Price $38/m

Panama Canvas


(most similar to Heavy Cotton Twill)

Our Panama Canvas is a strong durable fabric that provides excellent colour reproduction. Being a crisp white makes it the perfect fabric to handle beautiful prints. This versatile fabric is excellent for use in the home for cushions, banners, curtains, domestic upholstery, play mats and other home applications. For accessories you can’t go past the Panama Canvas, it is excellent for backpacks, beach bags and totes. A popular fabric among our artist friends, it is perfect for stretching over frames.
Composition: Cotton
Printable Width: 145cm
Weight: 309 GSM / 10.9oz per m
Price $40/m



(similar to Eco Canvas)

The Hampton fabric has been woven to replicate the textural characteristics of linen. With a slightly open weave Hampton provides a luxurious look for an interior textile. The textile is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. With a smooth hand feel and lovely drape this Polyester is suitable for a variety of uses such as cushions, tablecloths, napery, aprons, bags, accessories and upholstery, occasional outdoor use and for use under patios. Please click fabric care for commercial grading.
Composition: Polyester
Printable Width: 135cm
Weight: 248 GSM / 8.7oz per m
Price $40/m

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